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Public Sector Provincial Organization embarks on Workday optimization and sustainment journey, including the implementation of Workday Learning.


The Public Sector Provincial Organization wanted to enhance and maintain its Workday system while integrating Workday Learning. This challenge required a customized approach that optimized the technology’s capabilities, emphasizing:

  • Coordinated utilization of Workday for effective project management, facilitating visibility across projects, streamlined issue tracking, and process automation.
  • Provided Application Managed Services for Workday ERP, including release management, business process optimization, integration monitoring and security administration.
  • Implementation of the Workday Learning module to enhance employee training and development initiatives.
  • Creation of insightful reports and dynamic dashboards within Workday, providing real-time updates on project status and effectiveness.
  • Ensuring that the integration of technology aligned seamlessly with the organization’s workflow, given its rapid growth and operational requirements.

Here’s how our team went through the Workday Optimization process –

  • Conducted thorough assessment and analysis of existing Workday system and organization’s requirements.
    Developed a strategic plan outlining scope, timeline, and key milestones.
  • Configured Workday system, including implementation of Workday Learning module.
  • Assisted with data migration and integration to ensure seamless operations.
  • Developed and implemented change management strategy, including training sessions.
  • Continued to monitor and optimize Workday system and Workday Learning module post-implementation.
  • Decommission of the legacy learning management system.
  • Workday processes and configurations remained relevant to the changing business needs.
  • Increased employee engagement and skill development through the successful implementation of the Workday Learning module.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency and productivity achieved by optimizing the Workday system configurations.
  • Improved data management and integrated processes, leading to streamlined operations and enhanced decision-making.
  • Seamless transition and adoption of the new system facilitated by effective change
    management strategies and comprehensive training sessions.
  • Sustained value realization through ongoing monitoring and optimization of the Workday system and Workday Learning module, ensuring long-term benefits for the organization.