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Welcome to Promateus! We are a boutique IT consulting firm based out of Canada that specializes in Management Consulting and cutting-edge ERP cloud computing services. Our seasoned consultants bring decades of invaluable experience from firms that include the prestigious Big 4 firms.

We are a proud Workday Advisory Partner and have a strategic alliance with Automation Anywhere which is proof of our expertise in the field of Technology and Automation. We help you traverse the journey from just “keeping the lights on” to exploring more creative, new, unique, and forward-thinking solutions for your business.

Whether you’re seeking top-tier Management Consulting or state-of-the-art ERP Cloud Technology, we’ve got you covered.

Want a teaser of why is Promateus different from the rest?

Avail our 20 free hours of Enterprise Cloud Technology consulting to know how we are a cut above the rest and how we offer more affordable solutions and services than the big players of the market. Just fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.