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Transforming Businesses with Strategic Insights, Innovative Technology, and Expert Consulting

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‘You’ ask, ‘We’ deliver!

How did we start?

Promateus started in 2011 with a vision to offer “bespoke” Strategy, Technology and Management Consulting in Canada when most others in the market were offering a “one-size-fits-all” solution.
We realized that every client had a different story to tell and a different business need according to their business goals. We also felt that they didn’t have to pay an exorbitant amount to solve their business problems.

How is it going?

Our different take on providing services has led to collaborations with major players in various sectors such as: Energy, Utilities, Healthcare, FinTech,  Construction, Telecommunications, Public Sector and others.
We have provided a wide array of services across North America in various Tier-1 ERP solutions (Workday, Oracle, SAP, UKG, Kronos), managing Implementations, Post-Implementation Support, Consulting, Business Transformation, Road mapping, Process Optimization, HCM & ERP system assessment, Operating Model Design, Change Management and Project & Program management, Automation, among others.
All our clients have recognized and recommended our services for the high level of diligence, innovativeness, and agility that we consider our cornerstones for success.

What is our Organizational Vision?

To lead the way in transformative technology solutions that empower both businesses and individuals to flourish in the digital age.

What is our Organizational Mission?

Our Mission is to provide cutting-edge technological solutions that address our clients’ evolving needs, fostering collaboration, integrity, and continuous improvement.

Why collaborate with Promateus?

01. Industry expertise

All our consultants have a work experience across diverse verticals of more than two decades which makes them perfectly equipped to offer solutions that are specific to each vertical and not a “one-size-fits-all” one. “Exposure” is one of our biggest fortes!

02. “You”-focused

We would sound ignorant if we said that Success is all ‘me’ or ‘us’; it is rather a conscious effort to help ‘you’ succeed that makes a successful ‘us’. This is why we believe in going the extra mile to help you achieve your business goals each time, all the time.

03. Disruptive Vision

Disruption is the key to the future. Being innovative and realistic helps not just your business thrive for now but also scalable for the future. At Promateus, we are constantly questioning our way of working thus paving the way to a more insightful and innovative future.

04. Profitable Solutions

We know what your business means to you and how every penny saved is a penny earned. This is why we offer the same solutions that a Big 4 consulting firm would give you but at a much lower cost. Our cost-effective solutions are every penny worth your investment and positively impact your ROI.

05. Intuitive

Excellence is not when the expected is delivered but when the customer’s needs are anticipated and delivered with utmost dedication. This is what sets Promateus apart from the others in the field – the hunger to excel.

06. Communication

At Promateus, we believe that communication is a key ingredient of successful relationships – between our stakeholders and us or between our team and our management.


Our strategic alliances with industry leaders like Workday and Automation Anywhere enable us to
consistently deliver unparalleled value to our clients.