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A Financial Technology Company, with over 2000 employees, sought assistance encompassing Canadian Year-end Payroll support, Workday Optimization, Process Improvement, and Robotics Process Automation (RPA) integration, including building bots for process optimization and merging newly acquired entities (M&A) into Workday.


The Financial Technology Company, with over 2000 employees, faced a multifaceted challenge encompassing:

  • Year-end Payroll support
  • Workday Optimization
  • Process Improvement
  • RPA integration, including building bots for process optimization
  • Merging newly acquired (M&A) entities into Workday

This required a tailored solution to address complex needs and ensure seamless operations, streamlined processes, and enhanced visibility across projects.
The company’s rapid growth and fast-paced environment mandated technology solutions that could accommodate these challenges without disrupting workflow.


Our team addressed the Financial Technology Company’s challenges with a tailored strategy:

  • We assessed the company’s systems and processes, identifying configuration gaps and needs for Payroll year-end, Workday and Process Improvement.
  • RPA used to automate processes, eg. Employee Terminations, Password resets and others.
  • A strategic plan was developed based on assessment results, detailing project scope, timeline, and milestones for merging newly acquired entity of approx. 150 employees.
  • System configuration, end-to-end testing, Payroll Parallel testing and data migration for the new entity.
  • The ERP system was re-configured to meet specific needs through process optimization and RPA integration.
  • Change management strategies and training were implemented to ensure the smooth adoption of new systems.
  • Continuous monitoring and optimization of the ERP system were conducted post-
    implementation to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.
  • The consulting firm’s expertise supported the Financial Technology Company’s growth and operational excellence.
  • Operational efficiency was enhanced through streamlined workflows and optimized processes.
  • Payroll year-end completed and T4s delivered on time. Payroll processing accuracy and timeliness improved, minimizing errors and ensuring compliance.
  • Employee productivity and satisfaction were boosted by effective utilization of Workday and customized training initiatives.
  • Business processes saw increased automation and efficiency with the successful integration of RPA.
  • Decision-making capabilities were augmented with real-time insights and reporting from the tailored ERP system.