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Public Sector Specialized Municipal Corporation undergoes a business transformation, transitioning from a legacy greenscreen, on-premise ERP system of 25 years to a Cloud ERP solution.


The Public Sector Municipal organization faced a challenge with transitioning from a dated greenscreen , on-premise ERP system to a Cloud ERP solution, necessitating a comprehensive transformation.

  • Modernizing technology infrastructure
  • Revamping operating models and processes
  • Evidence based decision making
  • Reduce Financial Risk
  • Ensuring unified Cloud ERP application
  • Implementing meaningful reporting
  • Minimizing operational disruption

This transformation aimed to enhance efficiency, collaboration, and service delivery while leveraging the full potential of the Cloud ERP investment without losing any legacy data.


Here’s how our team went about the ERP Transformation –

  • Conducted a thorough assessment of the municipality’s systems, processes, and needs.
  • Assisted in selecting suitable Cloud ERP based on functionality, scalability, and cost.
  • Oracle Cloud ERP Implementation for HCM, Finance, SCM, Property Tax, and Utility Billing.
  • Effectively managed Tier 1 Systems Integrator partner for the client
  • Managed data migration ensuring accuracy and completeness.
  • Implemented change management strategy for user adoption.
  • Provided training and ongoing support.
  • Oversaw smooth go-live transition.
  • Offered post-implementation support for issue resolution and value optimization.
  • Increased operational efficiency was achieved through the implementation of a Cloud ERP system, which streamlined processes across departments and bolstered productivity.
  • Informed decision-making was facilitated by dynamic reporting tools and dashboards that offered real-time insights into project performance, empowering stakeholders at all organizational levels.
  • Service delivery saw significant enhancements with the modernization of systems, for HCM, Finance, SCM and municipal services like property tax management, utility billing, resulting in heightened citizen satisfaction.
  • The municipal corporation realized cost savings as the Cloud ERP solution optimized resource allocation and reduced dependency on manual processes, leading to long-term financial benefits.
  • The adoption of a new Cloud ERP system not only provided scalability but also agility, allowing the municipality to adapt to evolving needs and support future growth and innovation endeavors effectively.