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In part 2 of our blog post on how Workday Enterprise Management Cloud has taken the world of IT Cloud services by storm, let’s talk about how Workday retains a top spot in the customer-centric Enterprise Management domain.

Let’s take the Workday Financial domain for instance.

  1. Efficient Process OptimizationWorkday Enterprise Management Cloud uses Embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to identify anomalies and offer actionable recommendations within the same system.
    Workday Financial Management revolutionizes operations by converting transactions into continuous real-time accounting. Workday Spend Management leverages ML to automate procurement, addressing off-contract spending and worker inefficiencies.
    Intelligent business process automation solutions help give businesses more time for analysis and strategic action.
  2. Harnessing the Power of DataWorkday Prism Analytics enables seamless interoperability between Workday and industry-specific revenue and expense systems to help businesses gain unified information for quicker and more informed decision-making.
    Then, we have the Workday Accounting Center that helps transform critical business event data (such as insurance claims or retail point-of-sale data) into detailed accounting. Unified single-source data helps finance analysts look at the broader picture.
    Once data is unified and aggregated, Workday Adaptive Planning, an agile, enterprise-wide planning solution, allows the Financial Planning and Analysis teams to drill down the data even further and plan further actions.
  3. Unleashing Human Capital PotentialWorkday Peakon Employee Voice literally helps employees find their voice. How? Workday offers an intuitive way for HR to allocate the right resources to the projects and vice versa. It also helps track every sentiment of the employee by giving them a platform to express their opinions.
  4. Understanding the pulse of the customerHow often do you come across a system that is as user-friendly and intuitive as Workday? Workday takes great pride in its customer satisfaction figures not just the numbers but also the way they have been trusted by the C-suite and customers alike. There are not one but several reasons behind this –
    • Workday has closely aligned itself with the growing vision that every top stakeholder wants in their company. Gone are the days of regurgitating mundane figures and sticking to a safe stagnant vision; today’s CEO, CTO, CFO, and the like invest themselves in forward-thinking KPIs.
    • Workday is as agile as agile can get! What do we mean when we say that? Today, customers want to spend minimal time gathering data and more time analyzing it. Workday has made this process a cakewalk for its enthusiasts.
    • Workday Enterprise Management Cloud is Workday’s answer to agile systems that have a native cloud platform. Its no-code integration capabilities have taken ‘interoperability’ to heights few can only imagine. The use of embedded AI and ML has bridged the gap between applications, people, processes, and decisions.
  5. Understand the need to skill and re-skillWith Workday Skills Cloud, companies across the globe have been able to identify individual needs of skilling and re-skilling of the workforce. AI and ML make the platform intuitive enough to identify gaps in employee learning and critical skills needed for the entire team. Augmented analytics provide an accurate dashboard of workforce skills and redeployment needs.Uniting people, processes, and decisions has always been the key objective for Workday. With more new features added to their offering like “Workday Engage”, “Workday Everywhere”, and “Workday Empower”, things are looking great for Workday in the times to come!