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Went live with Workday? Here’s what you should do next…

“With power comes responsibilities,” they say. But with a new platform like Workday, come challenges and innumerable of them!

After a gruelling implementation phase, there are many things that you should have on your To-do list to ensure that the transition is a smooth one.

  • Ongoing Support and Training – Since a system won’t run by itself and will always need human intervention to provide ongoing support for day-to-day issues, you need to have a dedicated team of individuals trained on the platform. These resources are the first go-to resources for management and users alike.
  • User adoption – The next step to naturally follow close on the heels of the post-implementation requirement is the need to help users ‘adapt’ and ‘adopt’ the change. The right training and prompt support will go a long way to ensure quicker and easier adaptability. You should also open the forum for users to suggest the scope of improvements and ask questions.
  • Integration – Perhaps one of the most critical To-do from a technical perspective – Integration with other systems. If your system relays data or takes in data from external systems, you must ensure seamless integration with them so systems are in sync and no data is lost during the transition.
  • Data audits – Another important aspect from a technical perspective is data regulation and monitoring. Regular audits ensure that the quality of data remains intact and is in conformation with the set standards.
  • Turn on the system upgrades – To ensure that the software is up-to-date and equipped with the new features and functionality, you must ensure that you plan and prepare for all upgrade cycles.
  • Customization – The deployment of HR Workday system is not the culmination step, but rather one that paves the way for all future customizations. Since you are replacing your legacy system with a new platform, you should ensure that the new system or data doesn’t hamper your day-to-day processes in any way. Workday is a highly customizable system so you can use it to suit your business needs accordingly.
  • Reporting – With Workday solutions, you no longer need to worry about running manual reports; it comes with an in-built as well as an On-Demand Reporting feature. Moreover, the report can be tweaked per your specific business needs and scheduled to run at your convenience.
  • Compliance – Last but not least like any other tool or software system, it is imperative that your new Workday system complies with labor, tax, or other data privacy laws. Regular check-ins and audits should be a part of your regular health checks.

The list may seem daunting and a lot of work considering you just wrapped up a rigorous Implementation project but post-implementation is as important as implementing the system itself. You may have many queries, and that’s where Promateus steps in to ease all your worries. With our efficient workday developers and experienced post-implementation support team well-versed in American and Canadian markets, you don’t have to bat an eyelid!

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