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There is no iota of doubt that disruption is clearly the key to what the future holds for us and for technology in general. Words you should expect to hear this year – Quantum Computing, Metaverse, Green Energy, Artificial Intelligence, Humanoid Robots, Generative AI, IoT (Internet of Things), and of course Machine Learning among many others.

But, what does it mean for the world of Human Resource Management? Here are some ways this trend affects it-

  • AI-powered talent management and Recruitment: Make better-informed hiring strategies and decisions with the help of artificial intelligence & machine learning. Benefit? Streamlined recruitment processes, efficient talent management, and hence better productivity.
  • Digital Human Resource platforms: It’s been a few years since many firms decided to move away from HR management systems dependent on pen and paper. It’s time more firms jumped on the bandwagon and used digital and cloud-based platforms to ease their job. Benefit? Smoother and more scalable operations!
  • Cloud-based Human Resource systems: With the world tearing away from the brick-and-mortar way of working, it is imperative that employees are able to access systems from anywhere and anytime. Hence, firms need to look at cloud-based options to store data and applications in a cloud-based system. Benefit? 24X7 availability and lowering of physical infrastructure costs.
  • Employee self-service: With the doing-away of paper-based systems and physically punching in attendance, it’s time to give the employees the freedom to carry out HR-related tasks – time-off, pay statements, personal data, and even performance-related. Benefit? Time saved.
  • Virtual/Augmented Reality: Virtual/Augmented Reality can be a powerful tool in the training and development domains to create a more immersive experience and make them more engaging. Benefit? Higher engagement.
  • People analytics and Reporting tools: Excel sheets and Macros are perhaps every Reporting analyst and Manager’s friends. With more digital systems offering Analytics and Reporting as a key component, it is easier to churn out a report now than ever. Benefit? Time saved and an option to generate an On-Demand or a scheduled report.

Social Media and Branding: One must be living under a rock to not know the importance of social media. Today, it is the most important platform to create a brand, attract a following, and actively engage with followers. Presence on social media is as critical today as having phone details for your business. Benefit? Better engagement level.