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Are you dealing with burnout lately? Or mental blocks? Or unable to make decisions as quickly as you usually do?

In the ever-changing and fast-paced work environment, the concept of taking breaks may seem like an oxymoron to productivity. However, research shows that strategic, well-timed breaks can actually enhance performance and overall job satisfaction. In a study published by “GITNUX MARKETDATA REPORT 2023”, an astounding 40% of the workforce either take occasional breaks or none at all.

In this blog, we dig deeper into the scientific facts behind productivity breaks and how to optimally utilize them.

The principle of Ultradian Rhythm

To understand the principle behind renewal, we need to understand what is “Ultradian Rhythm”.  Simply put, it is a cycle that our brain follows and typically lasts 90 minutes. During these 90 minutes, our body experiences a peak and dip in the focus and concentration levels. When we align our breaks with this Ultradian Rhythm, we can recharge our body and gain energy to resume our tasks more effectively.

Types of Breaks

  1. Micro-Breaks of short spans. You can use these breaks to stretch or simply indulge in deep breathing exercises on your own desk. A quick-fire way to boost your productivity.
  2. Planned breaks every few hours are something to look forward to when you are in the middle of projects and tasks that are scheduled for the entire day.
  3. Creative breaks if your workplace has amenities to support them like musical instruments, a game room, or simply a couch for you to crash on for some time to get away from the sedentary workstyle.

Quick tips to take some time off the screen

  • Take the first break of the day when you start your workday by preparing ahead for your day be it by preparing a To-do list or checking your mailbox for urgent actionable.
  • Relax those eyes and look away from the screen once every few minutes and try to focus on a thing in your farthest sight.
  • Speaking of relaxing your eye muscles, perhaps it is a better idea to just shut them for a while and meditate. Practice mindful breathing and shoo away the stress!
  • Move your body and stretch a little. You don’t necessarily need to indulge in chair Yoga but a few quick movements of every part of your body will do the trick.
  • A quick snack and water break help relieve those unnecessary endorphins. Needless to say, “healthy eating” is the word here to remain energized.
  • Take a walk around the office and exchange those “Hellos” while you are at it. Socializing is a great way (especially in a brick-and-mortar setup) to vent out some heat.

To conclude, let’s just say that a “break” here and there is not a sign of your inefficiency or lack of productivity. In fact, when taken in moderation, a break can be a wonderful too to boost your productivity.