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HRIS (Human Resource Information System) is not a term unknown in the Human Resources world today and there are several HRIS software available vying for the top spot. With HR Tech Market slated to touch about $36 Billion five years from now, the industry is still in a very scalable form right now.

How has HRIS technology changed the world so far?

Although the technology has been in use since the 1950s so to say, the real impact can be seen today with the HRIS software being implemented across all possible business verticals. It has not only eased the workload of companies in terms of maintaining, processing, auditing, and reporting employee data but has also embraced digitization and modern practices like no other.

From saving millions in revenue to ensuring better data security, HRIS technology has truly revolutionized the erstwhile paper-dependent world.

The Way-ahead for HRIS Software in 2023

The biggest landmarks yet to be considered and conquered in the world of HRIS software are:

  • Skill enhancement and diversification – Post-pandemic, there are not only newer opportunities but also newer skills that employees may have not been able to acquire thanks to the crisis in the labor market. Employees need to be cross-skilled and introduced to newer opportunities.
  • Process review – From the teeniest of processes to the most critical one, a thorough review of processes should be done to identify process and knowledge gaps, the scope for cost-saving, and the automation of tasks.
  • Change in the workplace and work set-up dynamics – With more and more companies resorting to a remote work culture, companies need better and more collaborative workplace tools to hold the fort down. Tools like leave and attendance tracking, Time Tracking, project tracking, daily check-ins, Company Calendar, Rostering, Asset Management, virtual team collaboration, etc need to be considered seriously.
  • Data Security – With everything going remote including employee contracts, employee appraisals, project reports, pay-related data, financial data, and so on, Data Security has emerged as one of the key concerns. Reliable HRIS software addresses this issue with the way it promises to store the customer’s data. Physical servers are a thing of the past; cloud-based storage is surely the way ahead.
  • Business Goals – This one is still perhaps the most important deciding factor when choosing the right HRIS Software. What do you want your business to look like five or ten years from now? What drawbacks are you facing with your current HRIS Software? Is your team ready to handle the transition? Is the new system easier to understand and navigate through? What time duration are you looking at for the whole implementation process?

And, the most critical – Can you afford the new HRIS Software? This is a question that most small and medium-sized firms should be asking themselves.

Making the right choice

Now that you have made up your mind about the HRIS Software, it is time to choose the right implementation partner to handhold you through this crucial transformation process. Remember, a great partner wouldn’t leave your hand even after the implementation. They will see to it that your team is well informed and equipped to welcome the new changes. This is where Promateus Technologies comes into the picture.

We, at Promateus Technologies, take great pride in being a preferred choice in the Management Consulting and ERP Cloud technology Advisory domains. Our team works relentlessly to provide personalized and efficient solutions to all your business needs.

Connect with us to begin your Transformation journey!