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You would be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of ChatGPT yet. Released in November last year (2022), ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot developed by OpenAI, a research firm in the AI domain.

It can play games, book flights, generate lyrics, can answer any question be it history or nuclear physics, or even order food for you. ChatGPT has stirred quite a storm in the market since its arrival. Besides being a hot favorite of many firms including media firms that are using it to generate quizzes and blogs, the bot sure has pitfalls.

Since the bot consumes data that it fetches from the internet and also because AI still needs some time to include human-like intelligence and discretion, many are accusing the bot of providing inaccurate and ill-informed answers to a few topics primarily those concerned with politics and conspiracies. Another one, of course, is the lack of creative vein.

Talking of BingChat or the “BingSearch” as it calls itself, it can produce creative content like poems, stories, songs, and the like in Spanish, German, English, or French. Besides providing answers, BingChat can also do the search job for you on the internet.

The chatbot is Microsoft’s answer to the AI-powered revolution stirred up by ChatGPT, many may argue. Launched recently, Microsoft upgraded the Edge browser with AI capabilities and ground-breaking functionalities. In the Edge sidebar you could search for something and use the Chat functionality to compare the results with something more specific. BingChat also has a fantastic feature – “Compose”; the browser automatically gauges the web page and lets a user compose content based on search prompts for example a post on Linkedin.

The perusal of both chatbots depends on what you are looking for. For answers to everything under the sky, there’s ChatGPT. For more insightful content or for assistance in performing web searches, there’s BingChat.

Both the chatbots score high in the search context because it gives you plenty more relevant information, much closer to your actual need than the one you get off a standard search.

Whatever your choice, Artificial Intelligence sure has come a long way! We see tough competition brewing between these two rivals and only time can tell which one meets the mark and is here to stay. Until then happy chatting!